Massachusetts: Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge – Sudbury

A little nature walk with a twist while strolling through Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge. The protected National Wildlife Refuge located in portions of the towns of Hudson, Maynard, Stow and Sudbury spanning 2,230 acres.

This location was formerly referred to as the U.S. Army’s Fort Devens-Sudbury Training Annex during World War II. Some of the trails guide you right by several of the 50 ammunition bunkers with curved roofs and sides covered in dirt to become camouflaged, officially referred to as “igloos.”

Around a bend, I noticed a tiny yellow shack just off trail in the woods. Turns out it’s just a really beat up outhouse. While there were two toilets, there was only one hook for toilet paper. Continuing back along the trail I notice what looks to be a chimney stack past a frozen march area. Looping around and finding the remains of a paved road led me to a sidewalk overgrown with brush, and finally to the stack. Not sure if it was a chimney, but it was definitely part of a wall or structure, the area was completely isolated and very lovely even in the cold.

Going deeper into the forest I was greeted by, what I believe was, a sharp-shinned hawk, flying over and taking a seat on a branch just above me. Spending a few hours wandering the trails, I eventually headed back towards the bunkers, I thought I could perhaps catch Ponyhenge for sunset.

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