My name is Matt Darcy, an eccentric thirty-something photographer and music journalist from, and currently residing in the Boston, MA area.

Often wandering around the Northeast region of the USA, my trips often include majestic locations, creepy scenery, obscure destinations, roadside attractions, and select special interests. I can often be found at local taprooms and breweries – and sometimes not so local craft beer establishments.

Since 2006, I have presented dozens of concerts, curated an art exhibit, released music on digital and vinyl formats and have been an active participant in the international rock, metal, and hardcore scene via, an entertainment website/production company. In a 2013 interview with James Shotwell of Haulix, a music promotion service company, said: “Nefarious Realm has become a staple of the music community, both regionally and abroad, which in itself a sort of small wonder.” Since then, I have expanded the website to cover a broader array of topics including film, art, and culture.

In 2017, over a 2-day ten round tournament, I placed 46th out of 52 in the United States ProMiniGolf Association  (USPMGA) US Open. It was an honor to get almost absolutely crushed by some of the world’s best. It was hosted by Bluegrass Mini Golf at Monmouth Park Racetrack in Oceanport, New Jersey.

Currently working on documenting the more alternative and extreme genres of music through images taken from the photopits and moshpits and speaking with the musicians about their lives.

Other interests and fascinations include horror/obscure/awful movies, Hunter S. Thompson, animals, pizza, ice cream, burgers, the occult, skateboarding, and Star Wars.

Music I’m fond of (in no particular order): Pelican, Slowdive, Deftones, Killswitch Engage, Whirr, Metallica, Kylesa, Pig Destroyer, Lo-Pan, Conan, The Cure, Widow Sunday, Sylvaine, Junius, Cannibal Corpse, Jurassic 5, Misery Index, Hivesmasher, Nothing, White Widows Pact, Converge, Alice In Chains, Caspian, Gleemer, Sexcrement, Burning Bright, Boyfrndz, The Atlas Moth, 36 Crazyfists, White Zombie, Marriages, Locrian, Abnormality, Nails, A Storm of Light, Acaro, Orwell, A Life Once Lost, Unsane, Turnstile, Earthrise, Dopethrone, Rotten Sound, Botch, Torche, Denali.



Audio Triviality – Bone Up Brewing – Everett, MA – Trivia Night
Music-themed trivia night, first Thursday of the month. All the questions are music related with a specially curated playlist and monthly themes.

Opening Night TBA – Bone Up Brewing – Everett, MA – Art Exhibit
Images from the Pit – Photographs from the photopits and moshpits
featuring: Rick Beaulieu, Rebecca Digiglio, Reid Haithcock, Derek Sampson, Mark Valentino, Christopher Wiezorek, + more to be announced


Audio Triviality – Bone Up Brewing – Everett, MA – Trivia Night
Music-themed trivia night, first Thursday of the month. All the questions are music related with a specially curated playlist and monthly themes.


June 18th – Middle East – Cambridge, MA – Concert
Boston Massacre w/ Malignancy, Dysentery, Immortal Suffering, Abdicate, Parasitic Ejaculation, Scalpel

Opening Night: May 20th – Eridanos – Cambridge, MA – Art Exhibit
VILE – Original Works Celebrating the Cannibal Corpse Album – Decibel Magazine interview
featuring: Adam Cutler, Arif Rot, Gruesome Graphx, Josh Belanger, Karl Dahmer, Ken Sarafin, Lucas Ruggieri, Mark Riddick, Matt Slime, Nate Burns, Pig hands


June 30th – Palladium – Worcester, MA – Concert
Freya, Widow Sunday, Behold Oblivion, Hope Before the Fall, Give Zombies the Vote

February 8th – Church – Boston, MA – Concert
Widow Sunday, Behold Oblivion, Mercia, Give Zombies the Vote


November 12th – Club Oasis – Worcester, MA – Concert
The Ocean, Frozen, Livver, Now Denial, Furnace, Replacire

October 8th – Ralph’s Rock Diner – Worcester, MA – Concert
Widow Sunday, Behold Oblivion, Your Pain Is Endearing, Impressions In Flesh, The Dead and the Damned

August 12th – Vegas Lounge – Lunenburg, MA – Concert
Howl, Acaro, Impressions In Flesh

April 29th – Gemstones – Lowell, MA – Concert
Hell Within, Letter to the Exiles, With Daggers Drawn, Breathe, A Wanted Awakening

April 1st – Club Oasis – Worcester, MA – Concert
Wormrot, Tombs, Sexcrement, Hivesmasher, Living Void, Scaphism

March 5th – Ralph’s Rock Diner – Worcester, MA – Concert
Rock Your Face Off Fest w/ Revocation, Burning Human, Widow Sunday, Acaro, Hivesmasher, Thoughts In Reverse, Sirens, Nemecide, Tight Rope, Pathogenic – BraveWords

January 15th – American Legion – Malden, MA – Concert
Hell Within, Widow Sunday, 21st December, Devlyn Sydus


December 4th – Ralph’s Rock Diner – Worcester, MA – Concert
Skull Hammer, Crypter, The Judas Syndrome, Led to the Grave, Manic Repressive

November 28th – Great Scott – Allston, MA – Concert
Toxic Holocaust, Tombs, Razormaze, PanzerBastard, Skull Hammer

November 10th – Church – Boston, MA – Concert
As Hell Retreats, Letter to the Exiles, Hell Within, No Room To Breathe, Tight Rope

September 25th – Honey Fitz – Malden, MA – Concert
Truth Ending Cycle, Sweet Irony, Last Regret, The Mercy Case, 51 Shortfalls

September 4th – Ralph’s Rock Diner – Worcester, MA – Concert
Widow Sunday, Ender, Anomia, Israfel, Battleships, The Viking, Axoim, 21st December, The Failure Initiative

August 28th – Ralph’s Rock Diner – Worcester, MA – Concert
Mummified In Circuitry, HyenaFeast, Did You Mean Australia, Days of Waste, Infinite Descent

August 21st – Honey Fitz – Malden, MA – Concert
Hell Within, Widow Sunday, Acaro, World of Enemies, HyenaFeast, Ruins

July 24th – Sammy’s Patio – Revere, MA – Concert
Mythology, Scalpel, Dysentery, Acaro, Hivesmasher, Smite the Righteous

July 16th – Sammy’s Patio – Revere, MA – Concert
Widow Sunday, In the Kingdom of Nightmares, Salvo, Give Zombies the Vote, World of Enemies, The Failure Initiative

July 12th – Church – Boston, MA – Concert
Early Graves, Landmine Marathon, The Funeral Pyre, Anomia, Scalpel, Scaphism, Nemecide

May 22nd – Honey Fitz – Malden, MA – Concert
Widow Sunday, Acaro, Escape to Everything, I Your Liege, The Bathory Silence, Nothing to Gain

April 17th – Rob Jack’s – Everett, MA – Concert
Sweet Irony, Sun In Flight

April 10th – Honey Fitz – Malden, MA – Concert
Mummified In Circuitry, Goreality, HyenaFeast, Masamune, Head First Into The Shallow End

February 27th – Ralph’s Rock Diner – Worcester, MA – Concert
Rock Your Face Off Fest w/ The Empire Shall Fall, Ravage, Widow Sunday, Acaro, The Summoned, 18 Wheels of Justice, Skull Hammer, The Bathory Silence, We Met Aliens, Lethal Design – SMN News

February 20th – Honey Fitz – Malden, MA – Concert
Head First Into The Shallow End, We Met Aliens, 21st December, Scalpel


December 2nd – Rob Jack’s – Everett, MA – Concert
Ravage, Skull Hammer, Lethal Design

October 9th – Sammy’s Patio – Revere, MA – Concert
Tomorrow Never Dies, With Avengeance, Lethal Design, 18 Wheels of Justice, We Met Aliens, Head First Into The Shallow End


July 27th – Goodtimes – Somerville, MA – Concert
Kultur, Mortis Deveia, Fall to None, Slayed Innocence, Discordia

Band: Abnormality
Album: ‘Contaminating the Hive Mind’
Format: Translucent orange with grey splatter vinyl
Pressing: 250 copies, 180gram, Gatefold LP
Release Date: December 3rd, 2013
Genre: Brutal Death Metal

ABNORMALITY, formed in 2005, is an extreme metal band hailing from Massachusetts, United States. Purveying a violent hybrid of the heaviest subgenres in metal, taking from a wide range of influences, ABNORMALITY mixes technicality and speed with devastating grooves delivering a brutal sonic experience that death metal fans cannot deny. ABNORMALITY is currently signed to the legendary Metal Blade Records.


Band: Earthrise
Album: ‘Eras Lost’
Format: Left: Translucent Blue with White Haze | Right: Translucent Orange with Red Haze gatefold vinyl
Pressing: 250 copies, 180gram, Gatefold 2xLP
Release Date: July 8, 2014
Genre: Post-Metal

EARTHRISE, the sonic wall of post-metal deafening sludge hailing from Minneapolis, MN, have released an audio onslaught that mimics the experience of being inebriated in outer space. ‘Eras Lost’ is over 50 minutes of post-metal clashing with experimental hardcore elements.