Widow Sunday – Breakin’ Faces & Shakin’ Booties

Since 2009, I have been taking photographs of the Massachusetts dance metal band. Breakin’ faces and shakin’ booties all over the northeast.

I first met the lads in Widow Sunday back in September 2009. If my memory serves me correctly, they played the third show I had booked under Nefarious Realm which took place at a tiny dive bar in Everett, MA. Over the years I would accompany the band to several venues all over the Northeast region, from Bogie’s in Albany, NY to the Palladium in Worcester, MA to Club Texas in Auburn, ME. Joining them on mini-tours brought me to places I had never been and probably would not otherwise travel to.

I distinctly remember driving through the hills on our way to Oneonta, NY and being memorized with the landscape as I starred out the van window. The amount of memories and laughs from these guys cannot be counted. Riding up to venues wearing bunny and Gumby suits, relentless stage antics such as running around the venue while performing (inside and occasionally outside), and many practical jokes like wrapping other band’s vans in toilet paper.

The metalcore outfit would later make a few reunion appearances and then in 2019 released an EP title ‘Parallax,’ which I was happy to take the photograph that was used for the cover.

Widow Sunday was much more than a band to me. To Jake, Adam, Patrick, Darin, and Sean. Thank you for having me be a part of the band. I love you all.

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