I have been involved in the music industry since 2006, and since then, I have booked shows and tour dates, managed several bands, released music on vinyl, and became a source of all that is extreme. If you are in a serious band and would like to step your game up, give me a shout! I can help with social media and brand strategy, press releases, how to contact media sources, labels, and/or other professionals, or even simple advice and offering tools to help aid you.

Please keep in mind, I will not be your publicist, booking agent, manager, etc. but educating and lending a hand. Unless you want to pay me considerably more than a very small consulting fee, don’t expect me to do your leg work. Especially if you are new/young band, learning how to go about things on your own will be substantially more beneficial later on.



My favorite food is my aunts and my late nana’s cooking. It’s the best homemade meal you’ll have (sorry mom). Recipes like that do not come in a box at your supermarket. When  I travel, I always try to grab something from a local shop, micro brewery, or farm stand.  People take the time to craft or prepare their items, putting more heart and devotion into their offerings than a huge corporation. Family and small businesses just do it better. Sure, the dollar amount may be higher, but the product is going to be superior, tastier, and the level of customer service is going to be far greater. It’s well worth the price. Unfortunately, unlike the big guys, small companies and the like do not have the budget for marketing campaigns. This is where I can help.  I will gladly lend a hand to develop online presence to drive more people to your business or enlighten more people to your products and services. Using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is easy, but to use them effectively is the trick. There are also small inexpensive tactics to employ as well, mixing traditional and nontraditional methods to stick out from the rest. Shop local.


I am available in person, Facebook/Google chat, Skype, and phone call. Contact me to get talking!


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