Portrait Project


With the pandemic making a mess of things and halting a couple of projects of mine, I went back to the drawing board and came up with a new photography project. If you are reading this, then that means I am curious if you would be interested in taking part. Below you can find the details on the portrait and interview endeavor.

The inspiration behind this project is to talk with people who have gone above and beyond regarding personal interests and passions, be that music, hiking, brewing, art, or whatever special thing that you do. I want to talk with these people in depth about their journey… How it began, the highlights, the low points, achievements and disappointments, and everything in between all while taking your photo.

It would be a 60 minute portrait session and interview discussing topics of your life and experiences along the way. The questions and topics discussed are in place to invite answers and stories that will evoke an array of emotions, of which I hope to capture with my camera. The portrait part is of minimalistic black and white style with a focus (puns!) on expressions and will consist of mostly headshots, though may extend down to the waist, against a black and/or white backdrop, an example is below.

Interviews will appear on NefariousRealm.com accompanied with a few photos. Additional photos will appear on this website with snippets of the interview. The end goal for this project is to bring it all together for a book.

Taking the pandemic into consideration, I can shoot from over 6-feet away while wearing a mask. I have access to a private studio in Lowell, MA and my gear is portable allowing me to setup in a space of your comfort or outside. On top of that, I have begun testing every other week and sessions will be staggered to avoid exposure to others.

IG: @bananamasher