Pizza Report: Wakefield House of Pizza – Wakefield, MA


PizzaReport-20150102-WakefieldHouseOfPizza-02[1] Upon entering, there is an immediate feeling of warmth and comfort. An old timer greets me as I walk in, as does the fellow behind the counter. The old timer is the owner who opened the Greek style pizza shop in 1971, forty-five years ago. The restaurant, located at 43 Tuttle Street in Wakefield, MA, features classic orange bench tables along the windows while a lone round table sits in the middle of the room surrounded by standard black chairs with no arms. The pizza parlor is split with a glass wall creating a separate dining area away from the staff and kitchen. A group of younger gentlemen are currently sitting in there enjoying a few slices to themselves and conversing as friends do. I choose to sit in the main dining area where the wood paneled walls reach about five feet up the wall, a style lost in the decades that have past. Above the trim are dozens of photographs of youth sport teams, of which the pizza hop sponsors, amongst other pictures of the shops history and a few awards. I ordered a small cheese and took my seat.

PizzaReport-20150102-WakefieldHouseOfPizza-01[2]A short wait later and the fellow behind the counter brings over the pie. As I grab my first piece ,the cheese is sliding off the slice, this is not something I am fond off. The crust seems premade, not freshly prepared and definitely not hand-tossed. As I fold the slice in half, it merely cracks and gives way to a landslide of cheese. The sauce is tame, almost bland while the cheese offering only a bit of a swing in taste. The cheese keeps falling off upon biting or separating  it from the other slices. Aside from that inconvenience, pizza isn’t all that bad, isn’t all that good either. Just pizza. Now finishing my fourth slice, I’m realizing how dry the crust is even though the top is a bit greasy.

PizzaReport-20150102-WakefieldHouseOfPizza-03[1]For the last two slices resorted to dashing a bit of crushed red pepper and a sprinkle of garlic powder on top as I needed a little more flavor. For such a nice place I’m a bit disappointed by the pizza. They do stock a good variety of soda and drinks though, I went with a Vanilla Coca~Cola. Overall, the pizza was average, nothing to rant about, nothing to rave about. Perhaps that’s why they have been in business for so long, can appeal to everyone and the taste would not offend. Next time, I’ll should try a specialty pizza of theirs and see how well they do in that department. Maybe I’m just not a fan of Greek style pizza, though the crust hand little to do with the cheese falling off…

I’m giving the Wakefield House of Pizza 4 out of 8 slices.