New Hampshire: Frankenstein Cliffs – White Mountains

Day trip in the White Mountains, climbing Frankenstein Cliffs and walking along an old railroad trestle.


Aside from the elevation aspect, there is not much scary about Frankenstein Cliffs. It was named after a German immigrant landscape painter, Godfrey Frankenstein. On this day, my buddy Aernk and I went for a day trip up to the White Mountains with intentions on checking out Frankenstein Cliffs, the trestle, and Arethusa Falls in Crawford Notch State Park.

1,434′ feet above sea level

The waterfall is the tallest in New Hampshire boasting a 200 ft drop.

incredible views of the Saco River and Bemis Brook

“Not an uncommon name in Germany, the cliff itself was named after a German immigrant landscape painter named Godfrey Frankenstein who, in the mid-1800s became enamored enough with the White Mountains to treat them as subjects for his art.” ~ from Atlas Obscura


Harpoon IPA
Moat Mountain Brewing – Iron Mike Pale Ale at Margaritas Grill, NH

Select adventure tunes:
Slowdive – “Sugar for the Pill” from the album Slowdive.

Ruby the Hatchet – “Wicked Ones” from the album