VILE – An Art Exhibit

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Photos by Megalomandee ( W | F | I )

This past Friday was opening night for an art exhibit, but not just any art exhibit. For one, this one in particular is not for the faint of heart as it features some very stomach-turning imagery. Secondly, I curated the exhibit, something I thought I would never do. Not for any specific reason, the idea of curating art shows never really occurred to me until this little idea came to me.

I was brainstorming content ideas for my, now late, alternative/extreme music website and noticed the 20th anniversary for the legendary death metal band Cannibal Corpse album ‘Vile’ was coming up. Merely planning a retroactive article on the record, I wanted to make it more then an article, something bigger. The result was gathering eleven artists, one for each track on the album, to give visual life to the songs using only the lyrics and title as inspiration.


Hey, that’s me in the background!

I approached the awesome folks at Eridanos Tattoo & Gallery in Cambridge, MA with the idea and they loved it. Luck lent it’s hand, and I was able to secure May 20th as opening night, the date ‘Vile’ was released by Metal Blade Records back in 1996. Aside from giving me their walls, the staff – mainly gallery manager Stephanie Crumley, helped me in the curating process being my first go.

VILE will be at Eridanos through May and most of June and will be going to Saint Vitus in Brooklyn, NY on June 21st for a one day pop-up.

Artists with their respected song are:
1. “Devoured by Vermin” – Adam Cutler (@motionlessvisions)
2. “Mummified in Barbed Wire” – Mark Riddick (@riddickart)
3. “Perverse Suffering” – Gruesome Graphx (@gruesomegraphx)
4. “Disfigured” – Arif Rot (@rotworks)
5. “Bloodlands” – Lucas Ruggieri (@lr_illustration)
6. “Puncture Wound Massacre” – Pig Hands (@pighands)
7. “Relentless Beating” – Nate Burns (@revoltingworship)
8. “Absolute Hatred” – Ken Sarafin
9. “Eaten from Inside” – Karl Dahmer (@dahmerart)
10. “Orgasm Through Torture” – Matt Slime (@coffinfullofslime)
11. “Monolith” – Josh Belanger (@joshuabelanger)

Check out the interview Stephanie and I did for Decibel Magazine here!