June through Present – Bone Up Brewing – Everett, MA – Trivia Night
Music-themed trivia night, first Thursday of the month.


June 18th – Middle East – Cambridge, MA – Concert
Boston Massacre w/ Malignancy, Dysentery, Immortal Suffering, Abdicate, Parasitic Ejaculation, Scalpel

Opening Night: May 20th – Eridanos – Cambridge, MA – Art Exhibit
VILE – Original Works Celebrating the Cannibal Corpse Album – Decibel Magazine interview
featuring: Adam Cutler, Arif Rot, Gruesome Graphx, Josh Belanger, Karl Dahmer, Ken Sarafin, Lucas Ruggieri, Mark Riddick, Matt Slime, Nate Burns, Pig hands


June 30th – Palladium – Worcester, MA – Concert
Freya, Widow Sunday, Behold Oblivion, Hope Before the Fall, Give Zombies the Vote

February 8th – Church – Boston, MA – Concert
Widow Sunday, Behold Oblivion, Mercia, Give Zombies the Vote


November 10th – Club Oasis – Worcester, MA – Concert
The Ocean, Frozen, Livver, Now Denial, Furnace, Replacire

October 8th – Ralph’s Rock Diner – Worcester, MA – Concert
Widow Sunday, Behold Oblivion, Your Pain Is Endearing, Impressions In Flesh, The Dead and the Damned

August 12th – Vegas Lounge – Lunenburg, MA – Concert
Howl, Acaro, Impressions In Flesh

April 29th – Gemstones – Lowell, MA – Concert
Hell Within, Letter to the Exiles, With Daggers Drawn, Breathe, A Wanted Awakening

April 1st – Club Oasis – Worcester, MA – Concert
Wormrot, Tombs, Sexcrement, Hivesmasher, Living Void, Scaphism

March 5th – Ralph’s Rock Diner – Worcester, MA – Concert
Rock Your Face Off Fest w/ Revocation, Burning Human, Widow Sunday, Acaro, Hivesmasher, Thoughts In Reverse, Sirens, Nemecide, Tight Rope, Pathogenic – BraveWords

January 15th – American Legion – Malden, MA – Concert
Hell Within, Widow Sunday, 21st December, Devlyn Sydus


December 4th – Ralph’s Rock Diner – Worcester, MA – Concert
Skull Hammer, Crypter, The Judas Syndrome, Led to the Grave, Manic Repressive

November 28th – Great Scott – Allston, MA – Concert
Toxic Holocaust, Tombs, Razormaze, PanzerBastard, Skull Hammer

November 10th – Church – Boston, MA – Concert
As Hell Retreats, Letter to the Exiles, Hell Within, No Room To Breathe, Tight Rope

September 25th – Honey Fitz – Malden, MA – Concert
Truth Ending Cycle, Sweet Irony, Last Regret, The Mercy Case, 51 Shortfalls

September 4th – Ralph’s Rock Diner – Worcester, MA – Concert
Widow Sunday, Ender, Anomia, Israfel, Battleships, The Viking, Axoim, 21st December, The Failure Initiative

August 28th – Ralph’s Rock Diner – Worcester, MA – Concert
Mummified In Circuitry, HyenaFeast, Did You Mean Australia, Days of Waste, Infinite Descent

August 21st – Honey Fitz – Malden, MA – Concert
Hell Within, Widow Sunday, Acaro, World of Enemies, HyenaFeast, Ruins

July 24th – Sammy’s Patio – Revere, MA – Concert
Mythology, Scalpel, Dysentery, Acaro, Hivesmasher, Smite the Righteous

July 16th – Sammy’s Patio – Revere, MA – Concert
Widow Sunday, In the Kingdom of Nightmares, Salvo, Give Zombies the Vote, World of Enemies, The Failure Initiative

July 12th – Church – Boston, MA – Concert
Early Graves, Landmine Marathon, The Funeral Pyre, Anomia, Scalpel, Scaphism, Nemecide

May 22nd – Honey Fitz – Malden, MA – Concert
Widow Sunday, Acaro, Escape to Everything, I Your Liege, The Bathory Silence, Nothing to Gain

April 17th – Rob Jack’s – Everett, MA – Concert
Sweet Irony, Sun In Flight

April 10th – Honey Fitz – Malden, MA – Concert
Mummified In Circuitry, Goreality, HyenaFeast, Masamune, Head First Into The Shallow End

February 27th – Ralph’s Rock Diner – Worcester, MA – Concert
Rock Your Face Off Fest w/ The Empire Shall Fall, Ravage, Widow Sunday, Acaro, The Summoned, 18 Wheels of Justice, Skull Hammer, The Bathory Silence, We Met Aliens, Lethal Design – SMN News

February 20th – Honey Fitz – Malden, MA – Concert
Head First Into The Shallow End, We Met Aliens, 21st December, Scalpel


December 2nd – Rob Jack’s – Everett, MA – Concert
Ravage, Skull Hammer, Lethal Design


July 27th – Goodtimes – Somerville, MA – Concert
Kultur, Mortis Deveia, Fall to None, Slayed Innocence, Discordia

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