Everywhere I go I keep the intention of discovering something – either regarding the area or myself. I tend to roam around, go off trail, seek the places and sights that are harder to come by and more magical. With that being said, I’ve had several friends and dozens of inquiries from other people about the destinations I have visited about either going back or how to find these places. With abandoned locations, I almost never give the whereabouts, in effort to preserve the location.

Every now and again, I revisit places as there is not often enough time to really scour the area or weather intervenes. Below you can find a schedule of outings that you can join in on. Bring a friend and make new friends along the way!

Most outings are rain or shine and all outings are non-refundable. Specific details on each trip vary and will be provided to you via email upon purchasing your seat. Some provisions will be provided (water, toiletries, first aid, etc.), but you should bring everything you think you will need. Please try to keep bags to a maximum of two, in effort to conserve space in the vehicle.

June 17th-18th (Sat-Sun)
Urbex Pennsylvania: Concrete City, Centralia, Bunkers Of Alvira

PRICE: $300 per person – Seats remaining: 5 of 7  – RESERVE HERE
Included: Transportation to/from Boston (pickup/dropoff along the way can be arranged). Lodging for one night.

ADDITIONAL STOPS: a brewery to be determined.

DESCRIPTION: Over the course of 2 days and one night, we will wander the desolate streets of Centraila, a town deserted by a massive coal mine fire which has been burning beneath the ground since 1962. Concrete City, once housing for coal workers in the early 1900s, the homes now slowly deteriorate though being a popular spot for graffiti and law enforcement training. There are 149 bunkers located on game land that once housed explosives and other supplies during WWII, we’ll wander the fields in effort of finding some and exploring these Bunkers Of Alvira.

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